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Plan 10-153

Screened Shelter with Kitchen and More

  • Size- 17'-0" x 22'-0"
  • 374 square feet of finished area
  • Building height- 17'-0"
  • Roof pitch- 10/12
  • Ceiling height- 9'-0" (kitchen and restroom) 13'-0" (patio area)
  • Slab foundation
  • The ideal shelter for a hot tub or lounging furniture includes a vautled ceiling, fireplace, convenient kitchen and restroom
  • A rear storage or mechanical closet has been provided at the rear of the building

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Plan Details

Square Footage Total: 374
Levels: 1
Width: 17-0
Depth: 22-0
Approx. Height: 17-0
Exterior Wall: 2x4
Foundation: Footing and Foundation Wall
Roof Framing: Truss
Roof Pitch:   Main Roof 10/12
Ceiling Height: 1st Floor: 9-0

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This plan package grants you the right to build this structure one time. Multiple builds is not permissible and is a violation of copyright laws.

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Common Garage Plan Questions

Can I modify a garage plan?

Some of the designers are willing to make changes to their plans for an additional charge. For those designers that do not make changes to their plans, we have a third party designer that will.

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Do these plans include everything I need to obtain a building permit?

These plans include almost everything you need to obtain a building permit. Your general contractor will be able to assist you with the additional material that needs to be gathered and submitted for permits. If you are serving as your own general contractor we suggest you contact the Building Department in the city or county in which you wish to build. They will be able to provide you with a list of what they require in addition to the architectural drawings (blueprints).

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