Car Lift Plans

If you're passionate about cars, you've probably considered the idea of installing a car lift at least once. And why not? Lying uncomfortably underneath an automobile for hours upon end is less than ideal, even for an enthusiast. For just that reason, car lift plans seem to make perfect sense for gearheads. It's the question of where to install it, however, that is often less certain. Luckily, if you're serious about car lift plans, JGP can help you figure out the rest.

Building a Car Lift Garage

If you've got plans to install an auto lift for residential use, building a car lift garage is probably also in the works. Of the many things you'll need to consider, local zoning laws are probably chief among them. In many areas, there are height restrictions for buildings in residential areas. When choosing a car lift garage plan, it's important to make sure that you've selected plans that do not violate any sort of local ordinances relative to height.

At JGP, our collection of car lift garage plans have been thoughtfully designed to account for the need to balance space requirements with height restrictions. Our car lift plans achieve this through the incorporation of vaulted ceilings which allow the necessary space to operate auto lifts without having to extend the overall height of the garage.

To learn more about building a high bay garage or for additional information about our selection of garage plans, please contact us.

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