Carriage House Plans Are Back!

Carriage House PlanMake no mistake, carriage house plans-also known as garage apartment plans-are back in vogue. Once a popular fixture in American backyards, carriage house plans fell out of style in the late '50's and 60's. These days, however, garages with living space are enjoying a newfound popularity - and for good reason. As the economy continues to roller coaster, many homeowners find themselves with friends and family in need of a place to lay their head. Carriage house designs serve as an ideal solution for temporary or long-term guests by giving all involved enough breathing room to keep the peace.

Additionally, many homeowners now consider carriage house plans to be a wise investment. Not only do these designs provide a simpler way to increase the square-footage of your home, they're also often viewed as a desirable and valuable feature by prospective buyers. Even if you have no future plans to sell your home, carriage house designs have the potential to open a new stream of income as a rental unit.

Appealing Carriage House Designs

Carriage House DesignsOur collection of carriage house plans features a variety of appealing plans in varying sizes and architectural styles. Some of our plans arrange the living quarters above the garage, as is typical, while some place the living area beside the garage - and ideal solution for tenants who might have trouble with stairs. Additionally, our collection of carriage house plans includes designs that can accommodate up to three vehicles. Living spaces range from studio-like designs to one or two bedroom floorplans.

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