Detached Garage Plans

Detached Garage PlanIf you're like most homeowners, you could definitely use some extra space. Maybe you're thinking about garage apartments. Maybe it's something more along the lines of pole barn plans or even garage plans with loft space. Whatever your needs, the collection of detached garage plans at JGP is sure to have a design to satisfy.

As you might expect, all of our designs are for detached garages. Why detached? Typically, it's quite a bit more difficult to add garages to homes after the fact. What's more, our clients often find that after years of living in their home they begin to accrue a great many more possessions (and people!) than they ever thought they would. Detached garage plans, with or without apartments, serve as an ideal solution to this all-too-common conundrum.

Garage Apartments and More!

Garage ApartmentSome of our most popular plans these days are for garage apartments - and the appeal is understandable. Floorplans that feature the apartment above the garage, as is typical, represent a very efficient use of space. With a footprint no larger than a standard detached garage, garage apartments are able to provide a significant amount of additional livable square footage. Not only that, but garages with apartments even have the potential to eventually pay for themselves should homeowners decide to rent the space to a tenant.

Garage apartments are just one of the many styles of floorplans available at JGP. Have a look through our online portfolio today and find the right plan for you!

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