High Bay Garages

The versatility of high bay garages make them an attractive option for many homeowners. Though commonly used for things like RV Storage, high bay garages are particularly well-suited to the installation of a hydraulic lift for the at-home mechanic.

High Bay Garage Plans

What with the spacious layout and tall ceilings, high bay garage plans and hydraulic lifts almost seem meant for each other. In some plans, some of the necessary interior space is achieved by incorporating vaulted ceilings into the garage design. This way, high bay garages don't infringe on any local limitations on height for residential buildings or incur the wrath of the neighbors who prefer not to see the roof of your garage over their tree line.

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Whether you anticipate the purchase of an RV after retirement, a college-age child in need of an independent living space or the installation of a hydraulic lift, high bay garages are a great choice for homeowners who would like to create a versatile space that offers some flexibility for future use. Contact us today for more information about our thoughtful collection of high bay garage plans.

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