Spacious Pole Barn Plans

Pole Building PlanPerhaps more than any other garage building plans, pole barn plans are highly versatile. Simple by nature, pole barn designs are often sought out for a variety of purposes including boat or RV storage, to house large farming equipment or livestock or all of the above! To accommodate such a wide variety of uses, pole barn plans typically feature wide spans and can be completely enclosed structures or partially open. Whatever your intentions, our collection of spacious pole barn designs is sure to have something that fits the bill.

Specialty RV Garage Plans

RV Garage PlansMuch like pole barn plans, RV garage plans tend to have inherently large, open floorplans - and for good reason! RV garage plans are specially designed to provide storage for recreational vehicles, which, like RV�s themselves, tend to be overly wide, long or tall. To accommodate these special size constraints, RV garage plans typically feature one or more deep, wide bays with high ceilings and oversized doors. Many of the designs in our collection of RV garage designs also feature additional stalls with practical uses for storage and additional vehicles. These additions also serve to minimize and soften the appearance of a large RV garage.

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