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Plan Modifications

Interested in having one of our plans modified?

We encourage you to read all about the process of having a plan modified. If you do not read the entire article, please just read the next line.

Email your revision request to us at [email protected]Please do not call for a quote.


Now for the particulars…

We are glad you found a plan that is close to what you are looking for. We are happy to modify the plans so they are exactly what you want. We promote garage plans for a number of designers on this website. Each designer handles plan modifications a little differently. Some designers prefer not to make changes to their plans. For these designers we have a third party designer that helps us with these changes.

For a quote to make plan changes, please send us an email identifying the plan number you are interested in along with a list of what you want to change. We will reply to your email letting you know we received it. Then we will forward your email request to the appropriate designer for a quote to make the changes you have described. The designer will reply to your email with a price quote and ordering instructions.

We ask you to email your modification requests to us for several reasons:

  1. We cannot provide estimates for making changes to plans that belong to other designers.
  2. Email records are handy to have in the event there is a time lapse between providing a quote and you deciding to have the changes made.
  3. We reduce the risk of having something lost in translation through phone calls.
  4. You can send sketches if needed to help you relay your modification request.
  5. You will receive your modification quote in writing.
  6. We won’t give a modification quote over the phone.

Some designers will reply to you directly with a quote to modify the plans. Others will send their quote to us and we will forward that to you. In either case, ordering instructions will be provided.

If you decide to have plans modified you will be instructed to make the initial plan purchase through the website. Then, you will be put in touch directly with the designer to coordinate the plan changes and the additional payment for those changes.